Thursday, 15 July 2010

Brand Marketing & Emotional Connection

I love Google doodles, you know, those funky logos they use on special occasions?  My favorites so far have been a Japanese sand box and an animated Pacman game with moving lights. 

Half of the time I'll have no idea what they're about,  but every now and then an image will resonate with my life, my heart chakra opens, and the energetic bond with Google becomes a little bit stronger.

Energetic bonds, why should we care?

Funny thing is, these energetic bonds are the reason we feel a connection with friends, family, and even Harry Potter novels or search engines with doodles on their website.

Like attracts like, so when we see ourselves mirrored in someone else we let our guard down and open up. On a psychic level your chakras will open and if you're clairsentient you'll also feel a slight pull.

This bond is created naturally when we hit it off with someone new, even if its just a chance encounter.  If this "mirror" is someone we keep interacting with, the bond will get stronger until we become emotionally invested in the relationship.

So how does this relate to marketing ?

The crazy thing is that we can actually create psychic bonds to our favorite brands, just think of your favorite rock band, the iPod, or even Pirates of the Caribbean. Every interaction is an opportunity to resonate with consumers, nudge open those heart chakras, and strengthen the emotional connection.

It will be fun to see how digital marketing accelerates the process, to begin with the internet is a lot more interactive than traditional media. The dialogue keeps the psychic bond open and also parralels automatic writing, a technique frequently used by psychic mediums during psychic readings.

This type of channeling involves writing without giving any thought to the words, so that your subconscious speaks. I've heard advocates for writing by hand, but its tough to get it all down without fudging the details.

Now think of anyone who's spend a decent amount of time chatting online or replying to Twitter feeds. They'll type almost as fast as they think, bypassing their logical thought filters and creating a direct link between the brand personality & their Higher Self.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Extra Sensory Perception

The past few weeks I've become a fan of the TV show Bones.  If you don't know it, the lead characters are Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan - a forensic anthropologist who judges a situation by what she can test in a lab, and Detective Booth - a superstitious FBI agent who goes by his instincts to catch killers.

In one scene, Bones walks into a trap and barely survives an attack. Afterwards, she tells  Booth that she felt her stomach tighten as soon as she closed the door behind her, but it was too late to run. Is that what Booth means when he asks: "What does your gut tell you?"

I loved the scene, its a great example of how ESP has made its way into mainstream society.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The energy center that is responsible for our gut instincts and sense of personal power sits a few inches above our belly button. Its called the Solar Plexus, and when we're grounded and balanced it can be a great lie detector.

I still have a long way to go with the theory, for now my focus has been on opening and clearing the chakra system through guided meditations. When I can't make it to an actual class, one of my favorites is Elliot Jay Tanzer's Guided Meditation for Grounding, Centering, Claiming your Space.

 First Steps in Psychic Sensitivity

After a few weeks of meditation, you'll feel tingling  in the air around your body when your chakras open up. It really surprised me the 1st time it happened naturally, without waiting for the teacher to guide us through the visualization. 

It takes longer for some people, Doreen Virtue recommends sleeping with a quartz point under your bed to develop your clairsentience - the ability to gain psychic knowledge through feeling. Not so keen on points, I tried it for a week and had to stop because I kept getting pains and chills.

This is all good fun, but what I'm really loving is the psychic feedback in my day to day life. Last week I was about to comment on a coworker and felt my stomach tighten. I shut up, only to find out later that she was listening in the background!!! In those situation sometimes your throat will also close down.

Another good way to play it is to ask for guidance on a specific issue, and wait to see how your gut feels. I've been experimenting with this at work, for example I'll think of a way to solve a problem and sense-check the likelihood of it working before acting on it.